The 2016 UEFA European Football Championship is hosted by France. The tournament will begin on June 10 and end on July 10 and take place across ten cities in France, including Paris and Marseille. The UEFA Euro tends to attract significant casual betting action, and this particular cup promises to be even more exciting than usual due to the field being extended from 16 to 24 teams.

How the UEFA European Championship Works

The EUFA Euro takes place every four years and in between FIFA World Cup tournaments. The Euros are the main competition for teams that participate in the Union of European Football Associations. Spain enters the EUFA Euro 2016 as the two-time defending champion.

Prior to entering the tournament, a team must qualify. The one exception to this is the host team, in this case France, which receives an automatic bid. Fifty-five teams are eligible to enter qualification, and this eligibility is based on performance in the two years leading up to the event. The qualification process itself is organized into a group format. Teams play each other both home and away and earn points from wins and draws. A team qualifies by winning its group or finishing high enough that it earns a playoff bid that it then wins.

The final tournament is conducted in a similar fashion. Qualifying teams are seeded into six groups of four. When the group schedule concludes, the six group winners, six group runner-ups and the four third-place teams with the most points enter a knockout tournament. Teams are seeded based on their performance, and the play is single-elimination until a champion is crowned.

24 Teams of Euro 2016


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UEFA Euro Betting Options

The Euros is a massive sporting event that provides many different betting options. The simplest of these options is the straight bet on a particular match. You can either bet full time result or the total over/under.

Bookmakers usually use odds displayed as a fraction. France opens up against Romania, let’s take a look at the simple scenario of choosing the winner.

Romania 9/1

France 1/3

Betting on Romania to win has 9/1 odds, meaning that if you wagered £10 on Romania and won that bet, you would profit £90, and your total return would bet £100 (£90 plus your wager of £10).

If you wagered £10 on France to win, and won your bet, you would profit £3.33, and your total return would be £13.33.

You can choose a particular team to win or bet on a tie. When betting O/U, you’re usually not gambling on a particular team but rather whether all goals scored will be over or under the total.

If you choose over on a total of 2.5, then France and Romania would have to combine for three goals or more in order for you to win. You also have the option of betting a particular team to win its group or the entire tournament. These odds are also usually presented as a fraction. France is 7/2 to win it all, which means that if they do win the tournament, you would profit £7 for each £2 you staked.

Brackets and Matchups to Watch

France has won the last two major events it’s hosted. They are a talented team with home advantage, which makes Group A an obvious bracket to watch. Group C should also be of great interest to punters. Germany is favored nearly as much as the home team and only really faces a group threat in Poland. Spain won the whole thing in 2008 and 2012, which ensures that Group D will be fascinating as the reigning champs face off against Croatia, Czech Republic and Turkey. Group B will be something of a spectacle. England may have the most potent offense in the tournament and should dominate its group competition, but the pressure of never having won the Euros has often weighed heavily on this team.

UEFA Euro Favourites

The top four favourites to win it all are France, Germany, Spain and England, in that order. Each of these teams has the talent and favorable group seeding to win it all. There are historical concerns when it comes to England, as mentioned above, and the historical success of hosting teams coupled with the particular success of the French national team should not be overlooked. The second-tier favourites are Belgium, Italy, Portugal and Croatia. Croatia may not even win its own group, but the team just needs that chance to get hot at the right and bring home the cup.

UEFA Euro Underdogs

Albania is the popular underdog right now. FootballBetOdds have Albania at 300/1! This is a team that edged out Denmark and Serbia to qualify. Experience at this stage may work against them, or maybe they just don’t care what we think. The talent is there, and if you’re going to take a flier that can pay out big, you could do worse than Albania.

Russia is another interesting underdog both at the group and final stage. However, if you’re going to bet Russia, then you’ll want to do that before the opening match with England. Honorable mentions include Austria and Switzerland.

UEFA Euro Cup Betting Tips

Betting on the tournament winner is fun and a great way to win big, but the professional gamblers will make their money on the individual matches. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bet a team to win it all, but don’t go crazy and lock in the best odds by doing it as early as possible. Be mindful that casual money can make the lines do funny things, so carefully watch for good betting opportunities. Don’t be afraid to make early assessments about teams. Sure, any team can have a bad day, but this is a relatively short tournament and a star player in a slump can spell doom for a team.

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