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This promotion is available to all new members and the free entry ticket will automatically be credited to your account.

In addition, all new customers can participate in earning Frequent Player Points, which you may redeem for more free entries into real money contests. Members of DraftKings can also earn extra cash by referring their friends!

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Free Tournament Entry Given to All New Customers


Register Your Account

Click here to visit DraftKings and register your new account. The DraftKings site will request a username, an email address, a password, password confirmation, your country, and your state or province.

In the optional Promo Code field, YOU MAY LEAVE THIS FIELD BLANK, you will still receive ALL the player incentives. Next, check the two boxes that indicate that you agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy and that you are at least 18 years of age. Finally, click the Register button.

At this point, registration is complete and your count is valid; however, you’ll need to authenticate the account through email verification before you can make a deposit. To make a deposit, navigate to the website and sign in. Click on your username at the top of the page, and then click on the orange Deposit button. DraftKings presents you with a series of deposit amounts ranging from $25 to $600. If you’d prefer an amount less than $25 or otherwise different than the options offered, simply enter that amount in the field marked “Other.” The field marked “Bonus Amount” will update to display your potential bonus.


Frequent Player Points

Whenever you play real money contests, you earn DraftKings Frequent Player Points. You earn FPPs anytime you pay real money as a buy-in to a league or tournament. The rate at which FPPs are earned depends on the sport and the league or tournament configuration, so be sure to note those posted details. The average payout is about four FPPs per dollar spent.

You can check the number of FPP’s you’ve accumulated at any time from your Account.

DraftKings Frequent Player Points


Every time you earn 100 FPPs, you clear $1 of your potential bonus, and DraftKings will deposit that dollar into your account as cash. You are free to do with it as you please without strings attached. The average player will have to spend approximately $15,000 in order to clear the maximum bonus of $600. Note that FPPs are also a kind of currency that players use to purchase buy-ins and merchandise and that the process of clearing bonus money does not actually use up the FPP.

Frequent Player Points


Think of the DraftKings welcome bonus as a 4% cash back plan on what you spend, up to your deposit bonus amount. You can use FPP’s to purchase entries into real money contests!

Visit the DraftKings shop to purchase entries with your FPP’s and play more real money contests for free.

DraftKings Shop


Deposit Requirements and Supported Deposit Methods

DraftKings enforces a service-wide $5 minimum on all deposits, so taking advantage of this welcome promotion requires that minimum. Keep in mind that certain deposit methods may have higher minimums, and in such a case, the higher minimum takes precedence.

DraftKings provides its customers with a wide selection of payment options from which to choose. The service accepts all major credit cards and debit cards, including those backed by American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. It also accepts most prepaid cards and gift cards backed by American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Note that if you do use a gift, prepaid or similar type card, then it is imperative that you hold on to it because DraftKings will use that payment method to post withdrawals.

DraftKings First Deposit


DraftKings also accepts PayPal as a deposit method. This is currently the only e-wallet or similar type option supported. It does not currently support deposits via bank wire, money transfer and the like.


Supported Daily Fantasy Sports

The money you deposit into your DraftKings account is yours to use how you please. You can withdraw it, or you can use it to participate in any event. Likewise, any bonus money that DraftKings awards you is pre-cleared, which means that you can do with what you want. In other words, DraftKings enforces no restrictions on the leagues and tournaments in which you can participate.

The fantasy sports that DraftKings supports includes basketball, college basketball, baseball, football, college football, golf, hockey, mixed martial arts, motorsports and soccer. Available league and tournament configurations depend heavily on the sport, but for sports that use a seasonal structure, you can find events that range from a single day to the entire season.


How to Play a Fantasy Football Contest

As an example of how to participate at DraftKings, let us consider the National Football League, which is just ramping up as we conduct the review of this promotion. After you’ve registered your account and made an initial deposit, click on the NFL text, which is located in the horizontal menu near the top of the page. DraftKings will present a list of league options. Click on the Entry Fee header, which should bring the free leagues to the top of the page. A free league can be a great place to get your feet wet.

Click on the link for your chosen league, and then click Draft Team. Most leagues are configured with a salary structure, which means that you have x dollars available to complete a roster. Each player has a dollar value assigned by the system based on the league scoring settings.

Drafting a Team


Therefore, your goal is to field a legal team while making the best use of your available resources. As a general rule, it is easy to pick the stars, but leagues are won with the production generated from low-value players.

Playing fantasy football or any of the sports at DraftKings is quite simple. Draft a team within your salary cap. But the difficulty lies in how well you can draft a team – which means finding cheap players that produce fantasy points. Much of the skill in drafting a solid team is reliant on your research.

Good luck!

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